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Driving home new golf product

By Aimee Sheppard | Aug. 29, 2005

Over 200 Junior Achievement delegates were at Memorial participating in the 2005 national CANJAC conference from Aug. 20-25. As part of the conference, the Faculty of Business Administration sponsored the “Purple House,” a group of 22 students from across Canada and around the world. Business faculty, staff and students worked with the JA delegates to increase their knowledge of the education sector and to teach them about the functional areas of business.

Teams of Junior Achievement delegates were given a water bottle and 15 minutes to brainstorm an alternative use for the bottle and a slogan for their newly created product. The winning group proposed using the bottle as a golf ball carrying case and removing the top of the bottle so it could be used as a perfect tee. Their product entitled “Tiger Tee” boasted being the future tee of choice for golf great Tiger Woods. Other ideas included using the bottle as a portable fish tank, underwater carrying case, and cookie maker.