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National award for nursing student

By Sharon Gray | Sept. 28, 2006

Renée Fagan, an undergraduate nursing student in the fast track program at Memorial, is one of 10 Canadian nursing students to receive a 2006 Canadian Nurses Foundation baccalaureate scholarship. The award is for one year and the amount is $3,000.

Ms. Fagan, who holds a B.Sc. from Memorial and an advanced diploma in food safety from the Marine Institute, worked as a quality manager in Newfoundland and in Ontario for six years prior to beginning her nursing studies. She is originally from Upper Island Cove.

She said it took a bit of courage to apply, because there was a $35 application fee. But with good marks and a wide-ranging background she thought she stood a good chance – and the award shows her faith in herself was deserved.

The Canadian Nurses Foundation is the only national charitable organization promoting health and patient care in Canada by fostering excellence in nursing through research programs, specialty certification, and study awards.