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Premier tours MI

By Stephanie Barrett | Feb. 20, 2008

Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Trevor Taylor, Minister of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, toured the Marine Institute Feb. 19.

"The Marine Institute has earned a global reputation for excellence in education, training, applied research, and industrial support for ocean industries," said Premier Williams. "As the international marine industry grows, I am confident that the institute’s reputation will grow as well. It is developing highly-skilled professionals in a variety of fields while its applied research and development facilities are enabling improved offshore safety, advanced simulation and modeling, smarter fishing, and enhanced aquaculture practices."

During the tour, the Premier and Minister Taylor had the opportunity to experience the Full Mission Ship Bridge Simulator and take a trip through the narrows on a virtual vessel.  They also viewed a presentation on the SmartBay project and toured the Flume Tank.

“Based on what we’ve seen her today, this province is already a leader in ocean science,” added the Premier.

MI has established relationships with post-secondary institutions, along with public and private partnerships in Ireland and the United States. In Ireland, projects have included seabed mapping, professional development and curriculum development with Irish universities, fisheries research and student mobility programs. In the United States, it has worked extensively to expand its relationship with the New England states to ensure that full opportunities for its Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources and its flume tank are maximized.

MI also has a strong connection to the local ocean technology industry and it has been instrumental in assisting in the development of a number of private sector firms. MI regularly partners with Newfoundland and Labrador companies on applied research, technology demonstration and training projects.

"The Provincial Government, in particular the Departments of Education, Fisheries and Aquaculture, and Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, have been instrumental in making the Marine Institute the largest, most comprehensive marine institute in Canada," said Glenn Blackwood, Executive Director of the Marine Institute. "This support will enable our students to take advantage of the of the enormous career opportunities flowing from the major developments recently identified by the province in the marine transportation, and oil and gas sectors."