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Connecting students with jobs and solid career advice

By Jeff Green | March 13, 2009

Post-secondary students from across the province will have the opportunity to land jobs and gain practical career advice without ever having to leave their apartments or dorms.

For the third year, Memorial is partnering with the College of the North Atlantic to offer a Virtual Job Fair.

Students can register until March 30, while the actual online fair runs from March 16-30.

The high-tech initiative has proven to be a popular event for students and alumni seeking career guidance who aren’t able to visit career centres at either the university or college.

Students will get a chance to learn how to polish their resumes and fine-tune their cover letters.

More importantly, students will have an opportunity to view and apply for jobs online, connecting with potential employers.

“We have full-time, part-time, co-op and summer jobs listed,” said Jim Pelley, employment development co-ordinator at Memorial.  “The Virtual Job Fair is important because this is our opportunity to offer distance education students, in particular, a service equivalent to that of the annual Career Fair we host every year at the Field House and the fair that CNA hosts at the Prince Philip Drive campus.” 

Mr. Pelley said it’s important that post-secondary institutions offer such web-based program, particularly to an ever-growing technologically-savvy student population.

“Very few universities and colleges in the country offer this service,” he noted. “I believe we, MUN and CNA, are leaders in this area and we will continue that role as leader in the future.”

He said the fair has grown substantially over the last three years with more students and alumni registering, as well an increase in companies and agencies taking part. He credits much of that success from the fact that employers “realize the quality of the graduates they receive from both MUN and CNA.”

Students can register for the third annual Virtual Job Fair online.