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Enhancing research support

By Jeff Green | April 5, 2010

A consolidation of units reporting to Memorial’s vice-president (research) has led to the creation of a new office.

The Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training Network (CREAIT) and Major Research Partnerships (MRP) will remain separate but both will now report to the newly created Office of Collaborations and Partnerships. 

The change was made recently by Dr Ray Gosine, vice-president (research) pro tempore.

David Miller will lead the new office as director.

Institutional applications and reports to programs offered through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Canada Research Chairs (CRC), and the Research & Development Corporation (RDC) of Newfoundland and Labrador that are currently administered through the Office of the Vice-President Research, including MRP, will now be administered through the new office.

Account administration for awards that are currently residing in academic units will continue to reside in those areas.

Marc Kielley remains manager of operations for MRP. There is a current search ongoing for a new manager of operations for CREAIT. 

Joanne Samson will continue to serve both MRP and CREAIT as manager of finance within the Office of Collaboration and Partnerships.

Mr. Miller said he is looking forward to further collaborations and partnerships with researchers and funding partners.

“I believe the consolidated administration of MRP, CREAIT and collaborative funding programs will lead to synergies and enhanced ability to respond to new research and development opportunities,” he said.

The CREAIT Network is designed to maximize the impact of Memorial’s institutional investments in research through enhanced access to and utilization of major research infrastructure.

The MRP is responsible for financial and administrative support of Memorial’s existing major, Atlantic Innovation Fund research projects and for assisting in the development of new major projects.

The Office of Collaborations and Partnerships will serve as the institutional point of contact with CFI, the CRC secretariat and RDC.

It is located in the Inco Innovation Centre.