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Paul Mezey renewed as Canada Research Chair

By Meaghan Whelan | Nov. 25, 2010

Federal industry minister Tony Clement announced new funding for the Canada Research Chair (CRC) program during celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the program on Nov. 24, 2010. Included in the $275.6 million announcement was a renewal of Dr. Paul Mezey’s Canada Research Chair in Scientific Modeling and Simulation.

Dr. Mezey was appointed as a tier one Canada Research Chair in 2003. His accomplishments in macromolecular computational quantum chemistry provide the basis for the development of a novel "computational window" to view, study and understand the molecular world, using powerful computer modelling and simulation methods.

In chemistry, biochemistry and nanotechnology, the molecular objects that are being studied are so extremely small that direct observation is either impossible or cumbersome, expensive and hindered by technical limitations. Consequently, in the molecular fields and related areas, computer modelling and simulation now play a vital role.

The Canada Research Chair program helps universities across Canada attract and retain highly qualified scholars to enhance depth of knowledge and expand research and development in Canada.

Memorial has 23 Canada Research Chairs in a variety of fields. More information about Memorial's Canada Research Chairs can be found online,