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Exploring provincial forest policy

By Melanie Callahan | June 12, 2012

Pathways and Challenges to Reinventing Forestry in Newfoundland, a white paper which explores the forest policy and decision-making framework in Newfoundland, has been released. 

Erin Kelly, post-doctoral fellow with the Environmental Policy Institution, Grenfell Campus, explores the history of forestry in Newfoundland, and how policy-makers and forest managers are reacting to changes in the forest industry, tenure arrangements, legislation, social values, labour markets and forest conditions. 

Dr. Kelly’s publication also examines the changing forest policy framework, and how forest management and decision-making procedures align with forest policy. According to the paper, “forest policy objectives have shifted from a narrow focus on wood fibre growth and extraction to policies embodying a more diverse suite of objectives, including ecosystem-based management and inclusive public participation.”  

The challenges facing forestry, particularly in the realms of ecosystem-based management and public participation, are examined in-depth, focusing on problems with current planning and management.

Dr. Kelly provides insight into the benefits of collaboration and partnerships for the industry. She identifies “promising steps already being taken to address the identified challenges and suggestions for further policy opportunities available to both forestry and to other agencies involved in ecosystem-based management, including tools for interagency collaboration and more effective public participation.”  

The paper is available for review at