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Inuit Metis project honoured

By Janet Harron | June 28, 2012

Dr. Lisa Rankin is a true multi-tasker. Not only is she wrapping up a year’s stint as acting dean of arts, she has accomplished this feat while maintaining an active research profile as the principal investigator of a five-year Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) project on the Inuit Métis of southern Labrador.

Between packing up for her fourth summer on a dig off the coast of Cartwright, Dr. Rankin recently made a brief visit to Portugal to participate in the third International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development. Her paper, The Labrador Métis and The Politics of Identity, co-written with Dr. Amanda Crompton, was selected from a field of 220 papers as one of the top 10 at the conference and as such will be published in the International Journal of Heritage and Sustainable Development later this year. 

“Amanda and I are very excited by this recognition from our international colleagues. I think it demonstrates once again that Memorial University is a real leader in community-engaged research," Dr. Rankin said. “It was also nice that I received this news during my last week as dean of arts – and I am now in a position to devote more time to this project.”