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Grenfell Campus to celebrate International Development Week

By Pamela Gill | Jan. 23, 2013

This year for the first time, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, will spearhead a number of events to mark International Development Week in Corner Brook.

“We want to highlight the connections we have globally, but also emphasize our desire to press forward to enhance our interactions internationally, whether that be through student and research exchanges, or through alliances with cities in other countries,” said Ivan Emke, facilitator for internationalization at Grenfell Campus.  

For 23 years, International Development Week (IDW) has taken place during the first full week of February. The Canadian International Development Agency sees this week as an opportunity to explore how Canada and Canadians are making a difference around the world. 

Grenfell Campus is inviting the public to be part of that celebration Feb. 5-9. The College of the North Atlantic, the Corner Brook Public Library and the City of Corner Brook will also participate in several of the events being planned in Corner Brook.

Events will include a public launch, a film series, public talks, an international potluck and exercise activities. 

“We are doing this not only to celebrate what is underway, but to remind us of the necessity of increasing our inter-cultural awareness and caring in today's world,” said Dr. Emke.  

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