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Campus contributors

The shelves at Memorialís Campus Food Bank are full again thanks to the combined efforts of hundreds of staff, faculty members and students. In total, 32 units and departments participated in the third annual 12 Days of Giving Drive, which ran June 10-25. More than 770 people participated this year. Offices were encouraged to collect certain items for the food bank. And collect they did. In fact, more than 6,700 items were donated, putting a lot of smiles on the faces of volunteers with the food bank who encouraged as many members of the Memorial community as possible to get involved. The goal of the fundraiser was to collect non-perishable food items. During the summer, food stocks begin to dwindle and volunteers do not have as many items to give to clients. Points were assigned per item donated with bonus points for collecting the requested amount each day. The Department of Biochemistry was recognized for collecting the most points, following by the Department of Human Resources and Computing and Communications. Meanwhile, organizers also recognized a trio of units for per capita points based on participant numbers in their offices. The Math Learning Centre (MLC) was the top winner in that category, followed by Biochemistry and the deanís office in Student Affairs and Services. From left, Denise Porter, MLC; Natalie Webber, Biochemistry; Kelly Penton, MLC; Sheila Penton, MLC; Noel Veitch, Campus Food Bank co-ordinator; Chris McDonald, MLC; and Theresa Ricketts, MLC.